May 8, 2023 -- Treating Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)infection – a common type of bacteria that infects the stomach – reduces the risk of stomach cancer, according to new research.
May 25, 2023 – The growth of artificial intelligence has drawn praise as well as anxiety and skepticism. But researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago and their colleagues have found ...
Experts consider claims that new weight loss medications cause hair loss. They find that hair loss is unlikely and actually more common with bariatric surgery.
It’s a liquid, it’s a solid – no, it’s hydrogel! And it’s poised to transform everything from dentistry to brain implants.
The federal government will, for the first time, bankroll a study on the effectiveness of overdose prevention sites, according to an announcement on May 8.
Two new studies suggest that even when a person swallows something as potentially harmful as a razor blade or a magnet, a doctor's best course of action may be to let nature takes it course.
Maddie Niles stumbled on an existing drug that changed her life forever. How many other rare disease treatments are sitting unused on the shelf at the local pharmacy? We and our partners store and/or ...
May 23, 2023 – It sounds like a simple solution to a complicated problem: Find out what kind of obesity you have based on a one-time genetic saliva test. Then you and your doctor can get a ...
Cutting-edge research is highlighting the link between heavily symptomatic asthma and lung cancer. Here's what to know.
Older people who took a daily multivitamin for 1 year appeared to stave off the equivalent of 3 years of age-related decline in mental skills, according to a new study.