While the AI did fine on multiple-choice questions and could justify its answers, it failed a retest just 2 weeks later.
The results, which show fewer false positives with the Fetal Medicine Foundation’s model, could promote better prevention.
The dedicated device can lacerate bioprosthetic leaflets poised to cause coronary obstruction—and does it quickly.
The simple tool includes just three factors, making it easy to use by the nonclinical staff most likely to use it.
Some cautioned against reading too much into this analysis, since the main trial did not meet its primary endpoint.
The Evolut valves posed difficulties for operators trying to access the coronaries, a potential problem for younger patients.
One expert urged caution, saying, “Sometimes this smells like expanding the market” in the absence of high-quality RCT data.
The first trial to test shortened DAPT in coronary DCBs, REC-CAGEFREE II builds upon the evidence available for DES PCI.
Researchers saw some differences between valve types; while provocative, these data need confirmation, observers say.
New guidance on the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD) encourages collaborative vascular care to address health ...
These data are observational but suggest that basic remote monitoring of weight and symptoms can cut patient risk.
The results are intuitive, but whether better stent expansion will translate into better clinical outcomes is still up for ...