Researchers sought to assess whether bilingual patients with temporal lobe epilepsy have improved whole-brain structural white matter network organization.
Researchers sought to determine whether posttraumatic headache is associated with symptom burden and quality of life 3 months after a concussion in children.
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen collected data from population registers in Denmark to study the effects of preeclampsia in pregnancy on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. Women who had a ...
Researchers sought to assess the differences in the prevalence of self-reported cognitive decline and the reporting of symptoms to a health care professional in racial and ethnic groups.
Researchers sought to assess whether Alzheimer disease blood biomarkers change in patients with hypoxic-ischemic brain injury after cardiac arrest.
A systematic review and meta-analysis assessed the duration of viable virus shedding and PCR positivity of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in the upper respiratory tract.
In a systematic review and meta-analysis, researchers assessed perinatal outcomes in women with epilepsy compared with women without epilepsy.
In a large prospective cohort study, researchers examined whether physical frailty is independently associated with a higher risk for incident Parkinson disease.
In a systematic and meta-analysis, researchers described and evaluated the relative effects of preventative treatment of topiramate, BoNT-A, and CGRP-antibodies in patients with chronic migraine and ...
Researchers evaluated the incidence of occupational blood exposures and post-exposure prophylaxis completion rates among health care workers.
Early nonresponse in schizophrenia associated with lower short-term remission rates and increased risk for abnormal metabolic outcomes. These findings were published in the Annals of General ...