A report Tuesday of declining job vacancies bolstered optimism that the labor market will cool without pushing up unemployment much beyond the 3.9% level in October.
In spite of geopolitical uncertainty, Goldman finance chief Denis Coleman said he expects a “more clear” deal-making runway in 2024.
CFO Vanna Krantz — who joined the LGBTQ+ dating app just before it went public last year — said Monday that the company turned in part to consultants to help offset staff departures.
More than half of Kruze Consulting’s client base has adopted OpenAI’s technology, with much of that penetration occurring during the past year.
The Alphv ransomware group claimed responsibility for the attack on Saturday and threatened to extort Tipalti customers with allegedly stolen data.
A spotlight is on the EV maker as investors weigh recent controversial comments from CEO Elon Musk and a lukewarm launch of its Cybertruck product.
The enforcements are among the first three stemming from access the U.S. auditing watchdog secured last year to inspect China-based auditing firms.
A New York Supreme Court ruling creates precedent in the way it makes the loser in an insurance matter pay its client.
Health care ranks among an organization’s top costs, typically second only to that of labor. Persistent inflation and lingering effects from the COVID-19 pandemic have further pushed up expenses in ...
Health care benefit costs for companies across North America surged 9.8% this year, fueled in part by the high price of new technologies such as gene therapy and diagnosis using artificial ...
Nearly three out of four (75%) of employers who view the hiring of talent with AI skills as a priority reported having difficulty finding qualified candidates.
It’s time to consider registering for a range of upcoming accounting conferences — both in person and online. CFO Dive’s got a list to help sort through them.