The court also ordered Israel to open the Rafah crossing for urgently needed basic services and humanitarian assistance.
When FCI Dublin closed, people were transferred to a dozen prisons where they face ongoing mistreatment and retaliation.
NYC’s new policy of evicting families from shelters after 60 days is forcing children to repeatedly switch schools.
Egyptian journalist and human rights advocate Hossam Bahgat was banned from traveling outside of Egypt for eight years.
The private fights have been waged from a seemingly bottomless trove of campaign money against women with few resources.
It has set aside just 0.00035 percent of its $849.8 billion projected budget to pay for civilian casualty claims.
The ICJ has so far refused to rule that Israel has engaged in genocide or that it must halt its military operations. It did ...
The amendments proposed by HR 8445 further incentivize US citizens to become active participants in the Gaza genocide.
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, a conservative bloc member of the High Court, flew a second controversial flag that seems ...
At least four people were arrested Tuesday, while two others were hospitalized after being pepper-sprayed by police.
Pundits noted the "disastrous" decision "gives politicians the greenlight to racially gerrymander" elsewhere in the US.
Pro-Palestine students say the decision violates the terms of a deal they had reached with the administration.