Decades of corporations monopolizing industries has given them the power to artificially inflate the prices of goods.
The current labor shortage has made an auspicious moment to ratchet up campaigns against these union-killing divisions.
Senator Chuck Schumer accepted a bundle of campaign contributions from the lobbyist sometime between July and September.
Democrats in the House say that the GOP’s repeated justification of violent rhetoric is creating a toxic workplace.
The Dollar Tree CEO is pinning price hikes at stores on inflation, yet he was rewarded nearly $11 million last year.
In 15 states, patients with confirmed or suspected COVID are already taking up more ICU beds than they were a year ago.
As long as health care remains a commodity, the right will use cynical arguments to discredit public health measures.
The organizers insisted the phones be purchased with cash, suggesting they wanted communications hidden at all costs.
This is a crisis — magnified by the pandemic — not of food-production failures but of skyrocketing inequality.
Journalist Jeremy Scahill says there's a bipartisan consensus when it comes to the military budget and intervention.
There is a scene from Francis Ford Coppola’s bleak masterpiece Apocalypse Now that came to mind in the aftermath of the ...
A UN expert said the U.S. "stands out among Western democracies for its incomplete patchwork of human rights." ...