I know my father loves me to the best of his ability. What he never understands is that his love is cruel and painful.
I forgot to have one conversation with my daughter: what if she fell in love and truly believed that he or she was the one?
I knew I could plan my daughter's wedding but then she introduced a wedding planner into the mix and things got complicated.
I don’t ask teens or their parents where they are going to college. It's complicated and I’m done putting them on the spot.
Kirsten Harrington is an Orlando-based freelance writer who loves to write about food and travel. She lived in China from ...
New freedoms await our teens when they turn 18 but there are the 3 things that 18 year-olds should start with when they come of age.
A good day these days is one during which I have tossed at least one garbage bag of “stuff” away (read: donated, recycled or re-homed).